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O.R.G.S v Repton School; O.R.F.C. & the RAGS (Repton Academical Golf Society)

At: Little Aston Golf Club. 

Roman Road. B74 3AN - 0121 353 2942


  • O.R.F.C. - This is the day after O.R. day.  Many footballers will be back at Repton for the weekend as they are planning to field at least 5 teams the day before - Make a weekend of it and play golf too.
  • Pupils - you are all welcome; boys and girls - so remember to bring your clubs back with you at the start of term on Friday 30th August. - Reply to this email or let Mr Emberry know you would like to play: There is no charge for those under 18.
  • Masters - All R.A.G.S. welcome - please let me know if you want to play.
  • And of course O.R.G.S. members - the more the merrier!


  • 10.30 - BREAKFAST - Bacon Rolls, Tea & Coffee
  • 11.00 - GOLF - 18 holes Footballers v Golfers - Team Pinehurst Stableford
  • (Don't worry - it's not complicated and the format suits everybody, regardless of ability)
  • 16.00 - FOOD - Chicken and chips 

How Much:

  • Under 18's - No Charge
  • Under 25's - £25
  • Under 30's - £35
  • Over £30's - £65
  • LAGC members - £20

For more information send an email to Tony Bishop

  • The cost per player is for those over 30.
  • Players under 25 pay £25 for golf and lunch (excluding alcohol)
  • Players under 30 pay £35 for golf and lunch (excluding alcohol)
  • LACG members £20

Players: Sunday 5th Sep

Report - 2nd September 2018

Last year saw the introduction of a match against the O.R.F.C.,  on the first Sunday of the new academic year,  to coincide with O.R. Day.

Due to a continuing upward spiral of appeal,  the O.R.F.C. fielded six football teams against the school this year and, notwithstanding a somewhat punishing 21st birthday party on the Saturday night, 19 young footballers managed to find their way to Little Aston on Sunday morning.  

Having decided to move the annual match against the school to the same date, numbers were boosted further by Russell Embery bringing 8 current pupils to play. 

Ed Marshall (P73) joined us for lunch and James Ross (H?) was found on the Little Aston terrace checking that the temperature of the beer was correct.

The result was a terrific day with 27 golfers under the age of 30, something I have not witnessed before.

Notwithstanding the fact he is still in A block, a future Hewitt hopeful is Alex Mair; already playing to 8 at Hollinwell, one of the toughest inland courses in the country.

A relaxed format of Pinehurst Stableford better-ball suited the mixed handicap pairings and went down well with those playing it for the first time. The footballers beating the golfers with a combined score of 261 against 250.

The O.R players were:  Russell Embery; Luke Lacey (C07); Nicky Samra (N02); James Leavesley Jnr. (N04); David Scarrett (P04); Mike Watson (P04); Alex Haynes (P04); Alex Evans (N04); Joe Cook (C11); Lewis Jones (C11); James Glover (P13); Tom Poynton (S06);  Joe Fell (O03); Will Swann (N10); Richard Doxey (P06); Ben Mann (P11); Jack Williams (S04); Alex Needham (N10); Jack Bywater (C11); Bobbi Fordi (S13); 

The school players were: Alex Mair; Will Needham; Harry Hey; Lewis Jones; Jacob Truelove-Cooke; Constantine Kramer; James Gould; Adam Poynton

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