Singles Knockout

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Every year, between April and October there is a singles knockout competition.

It includes our great friends and rivals from Malvern.

It is open to all members of the Society - even those who are not attached to a golf club.

Matches are hosted by members at their own clubs.

The winner becomes the holder, for one year, of the Arnell Bowl; a most prestigious trophy from the Old Malvernian Golfing Society.

The semi final and final are held at Sunningdale in October; kindly arranged and hosted by the most charming OMGS Secretary, Richard Thompson (known to his friends as Gorilla)

There is also a plate competition for those who get knocked out in the first round. The winner becomes the holder, for one year, of the O.R.G.S. President's Tankard; originally presented by H M Pepper and 1973 - 1985 contested between Repton & Malvern.

The semi final and final are held at Little Aston in October.

To enter for 2022 please send an email to Tony Bishop.

To view the latest singles knockout spreadsheet please click the link.

The entry fee is only £21.00

Please pay by bank transfer:

  • Sort code:  55-91-00
  • Account number: 12831964

2020 Entrants: all entry fees will be carried forward to 2022.

  1. Tony Bishop
  2. Ian Henderson
  3. Paul Brownhill
  4. Darren Vickers
  5. John Fletcher
  6. Jeffrey Chow
  7. John Butler
  8. Tony Ruddle
  9. David Scarrett
  10. Richard Pinder
  11. Alex Haynes
  12. Oliver Bertram
  13. Richard Cawdron
  14. Luke Lacey
  15. Nick Samra
  16. Alastair Kennedy
  17. Philip Harris
  18. Joe Fell
  19. Richard Doxey S
  20. Guyon Ralphs
  21. Lloyd Evans
  22. Jonathan Avill