Queen Elizabeth Coronation School's Tournament

Organise by Douglas Campbell

Team of 6

Scratch foursomes knockout

At: The Royal Burgess Golfing Society of Edinburgh

Approximate cost per player TBC

For more information send an email to Douglas Campbell


  1. Douglas Campbell

2019 Report:

ROYAL BURGESS, 28th-30th September 2019

Repton made a return to the green pastures of the Royal Burgess after too long an absence, and although it was a disappointingly short stay in Edinburgh, there was nothing about the experience to suggest that it won’t become once again a regular fixture for the ORGS.

Our revived participation was due almost entirely to the enthusiasm of DWT Campbell, who steered the ship in the right direction on and off the course. If he could have done one thing better it would have been to draw slightly less fierce opposition in the first round, though he can hardly be blamed for this. Old Grammarians, from Glasgow, were operating under an alias, for while they may have been Grammarians, they were emphatically not old.

Campbell and Myles Elliot, two of a contingent of three Sunningdale members, led the way, but their rhythm was disrupted at an early stage by a highly unfortunate wrong ball incident, and, though they had their moments, they never recovered their equilibrium. The second pair was the Lindrick duo of John Wood and Richard Hodgkinson, who had the better of the early exchanges. Wood’s iron shot to the par three 13th gave his partner the chance to put Repton ahead again, but Hodgkinson’s short putt lipped out, and the chance was gone. Defeat on the 17th ensued, rendering the other narrow loss, that of Adrian Pepper and Dominic Watt, irrelevant. 

Repton’s hopes of a triumphant return to Barnton were, therefore, sunk, but not the spirits of the team. All the hallmarks of the ORGS were in shining evidence – enjoyable golf, great camaraderie and an instinct for seeking out the best places to eat and drink. A giant, floating, luxuriously carpeted Thank You is owed to Douglas for his inspiration to re-join the competition and for his glorious hospitality aboard the matchless Fingal, pictured above with some of the more dubious guests to have graced its berths in recent times.