3-way Match v Malvern & Shrewsbury 

At: Little Aston

Team of 8

9.00am Coffee & bacon rolls

Morning round 18 holes Ryder Cup.

2 course lunch. 

Afternoon round - 10 holes Pinehurst.

Approximate cost per player including lunch: Visitors £78. Little Aston members £35

For more information send an email to Tony Bishop

  • The cost per player is for those over 30.
  • Players under 25 pay £25 for golf and lunch (excluding alcohol)
  • Players under 30 pay £35 for golf and lunch (excluding alcohol)

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Although 2015 was officially the first Maltonbury Cup, it only involved Repton and Malvern and, rather fittingly, was a draw.

Shrewsbury, rather like the Americans in the last war, wanted to make sure it was a proper contest before joining in. Nevertherless, it was good to have them on board in 2016.

The three schools fielded teams of 6 for a Ryder Cup Stableford competition in the morning and a 10-hole Pinehurst competition in the afternooon.

Little Aston was in superb shape, lunch was very good and much fun was had by all.


1st Malvern - 308 points.  2nd Repton - 306 points. 3rd Shrewsbury - 295 points

Well done Malvern.

Click this link for the full scores

Team 2019: